Being party ready

From buying presents to fattening food, your health and beauty routines can go for a toss during the wedding season. Now it’s time to put things back on track – to tackle your skin and hair and manage your routine before things go beyond control and ruin your season! To ensure that your skin glows with good health, cut out the sweets and fried, rich food.

Look your best this wedding season.

Follow a cleansing routine for the face with a homemade scrub made of sandalwood powder, almonds and lemon peel. Into it, mix whole wheat flour, lemon juice and milk. Apply this all over the face and neck and see your skin glow. A deep cleansing clay mask or a nourishing pack is used to draw out impurities.

Don’t neglect your hands and feet. Go for professional manicures and pedicures from time to time. Start a hand and foot-care routine at home by rubbing your hands and feet with a mix of two teaspoons sugar and one teaspoon of fresh cream on lemon halves. Rub until all the granules have melted completely.  Then wash off your hands. Moisturize your nails daily with nourishing oil or cream. A tiny drop of olive or coconut oil is a great alternative. Apply hand cream every time you wash your hands. Avoid using acetone nail polish removers as these can strip the nails of essential moisture. Choose the conditioning variety of nail polish removers instead.

Your hair requires special attention too. Go for a hair massage, followed with steaming and a natural hair pack that will condition and add body to your hair. If you suffer from tension-induced dandruff, oil your hair with warm coconut oil and apply the juice of one lemon to the scalp. Shampoo after an hour. If done twice a week, this will reduce dandruff considerably.

Continue with the oiling routine once a week. Also, if you have an oily scalp, it is important for you to use a leave-in-conditioner, which reduces oil on the scalp. After shampoo, take strained tea water and add the juice of lemon to this. Rinse your hair with this. Do this regularly to get shiny, smooth hair.

Use a heat-protecting spray before blow-drying and straightening as you get ready to step out. If your hair is looking dull, then change your shampoo at once. Avoid brushes that have spiky and rough bristles.

Buy a natural loofah and use it daily on damp skin in the shower to gently buff dry skin, boost blood flow and exfoliate simultaneously.

Also, remember to keep your back well-toned, cleansed and well moisturized. After taking a bath or after applying a pack, moisturize your back with oil on dry skin.

Not getting enough sleep is bad for the skin. To get better sleep at night, avoid caffeine,  take  a warm water bath and turn off your gadgets.

Party make-up

Cleansing of the face before applying make-up is essential to allow make-up to stay throughout the party. Cleansing the face with soda bicarbonate and cold water and applying ice cube for five minutes will ensure the make-up to stay for long hours.

Always apply concealer with a dry sponge. Foundation should be applied evenly after the concealed. Foundation will prevent the skin from drying in winter if it is mixed with moisturizer and then applied.

Adding some highlighter is a great way to brighten up tired, dull, winter skin, ensuring that you look great at any festive outing. Simply dab a bit in the areas you want to draw attention to – cupid bow, cheekbones, and brow bones. You could even use it over your eye shadow to add some extra shimmer.

For quick and easy glam look, you an skip the eye make-up and just apply a bold red lip colour.

For  the  lip  colour  to  stay  longer, exfoliate your lips first, before filling in  the whole  lip with a  lip  liner. Do this before applying some balm on the top. Blot off the excess balm, before applying a lipstick.

Just make sure you have a solid make-up remover at home to get it all off before you go to sleep.

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